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Sleep Disorders

Awareness regarding sleep disorders and their link to catastrophic health issues is increasing.
Recent research shows strong correlations with sleep disordered breathing and the effect it has diabetes, stroke, heart failure, depression, high blood pressure, and premature aging.  Sleep disorders are also among the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents. Treating a diagnosed sleep disorder can improve the symptoms of these health issues and better yet, help prevent them. 

The New Vital Sign

Because of the link between sleep disorders and catastrophic health issues, most MD's now consider sleep as a new vital sign. As a result, many physicians have implemented simple screening programs within their practices to help catch any potential issues. In order to treat a sleep disorder, you must first be diagnosed through a facility based or in home sleep study. Are you at risk for a potential sleep disorder? Do you need a sleep study? Find out by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

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